How to Save Money on Dog Food

I have a large dog who loves to eat so I am always looking for a way to save money on his food every month. At the same time, its important to me that the ingredients are healthy and the manufacturer is responsible.

A lot of companies use dog food as a dumping ground for food scraps that are deemed unfit for human consumption so it was important to me to find a brand with good ingredients. Scraps include hooves, intestines, heads, and diseased animal parts. Other companies import from China, where regulations are even more lax. This is all for another article, but I recommend starting research at dog food advisor and choosing a recommended food that fits in your budget. Then the challenge is on to look for deals for that product.

My dog is a 75 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback and he normally eats Merrick Duck & Sweet Potato or Halo Spot's Stew Salmon. All of the Merrick flavors are great and Merrick does not import from China, so it's my go-to brand. Below you'll see a few of my favorite places to buy dog food. I generally buy food in bulk 30 pound bags and store it in a storage container which lasts for around six weeks. I monitor the prices of three main sites and will change subscriptions and brands based on the lowest price.

Amazon Subscribe & Save

Amazon is very competitive in nearly all markets, pet food is no exception. With subscribe and save, you sign up for the food of your choice to be delivered at a set interval (every month, every two months, etc) and it shows up at your door. You get 5% off for using the subscribe feature over buying it directly (up to 15% the more subscriptions you add). No more lugging home 30 pound bags and you save some money! Another nice point is that you can cancel it at anytime through the web interface (no calling in or jumping through hoops). You can also cancel immediately after it ships, if you so wish. is where I get my food these days. Many items are cheaper than Amazon and offer free shipping on items over $49. They also have the same functionality as Amazon Subscribe & Save, called Autoship. I have had really good experience with Chewy so far. Shipping has always been on time and with good packing materials. If your food of choice is less than $49, you can buy multiple bags or other pet supplies as fillers to $49 (who wants to pay for shipping?). If that's not feasible, Amazon is may be a better choice as they have a $35 minimum for free shipping or free with Prime. Chewy offers a 15% off discount for first time users of the Autoship subscription, so definitely take advantage of that. They also only have sales tax in FL and PA.

Petco and Petsmart Coupons

Petsmart and Petco generally sell all of their products at MSRP (full price). Occasionally they will have a coupon that will make it feasible to buy in store. I generally only do this if I am buying a small bag to try out a new food or in a pinch. Petco also offers an online subscribe option called repeat shipping. The price is generally lower than buying it one-off, but doesn't seem to be competitive with Amazon or Chewy on the products I checked.

Price Comparison

Product Amazon Chewy Petco
Merrick Grain Free Real Duck and Sweet Potato Dog Food, 25-Pound $49.99 $47.19 $53.09
Halo Spot's Stew Wild Salmon Recipe Dry Dog Food, 28-Pound $53.59 $53.59 $64.99
Merrick Classic Real Lamb with Brown Rice & Apple Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound $48.94 $43.99 $58.99


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